Process 1 : Design

The initial stage of the MTO process is a completely unique and tailored experience for the client/brand involved. The very beginning of the process involves building an understanding of the brand, the desired outcome and the target consumer in question. The design process varies on the type of project, whether a client has seen an exact style in mind or has the designs ready but are seeking a lower production cost or simply want help to bring their visions to life. From here, the detailed design process starts with several designs created and shared with the client, ensuring most importantly the brief and brand guidelines are being strictly adhered to. Detailed CAD designs will be completed in-house to show the evolution behind initial designs; these are shared with the client throughout this process.

Process 2 : Sourcing

Once a design is finalised, the sourcing process can begin. Using expertise developed over the years, our sourcing specialists will recommend if there is an existing material supplier that is a match for the MTO project. If this isn’t the case then following research and industry knowledge new material suppliers are contacted and samples are requested to ensure only high-quality materials are being used for our projects. Sourcing is an in-depth and integral part to the MTO process and is essential in determining materials are fit for purpose.

Designs will go through sampling phases until the client is 100% happy with the outcome of the product. Throughout the sampling process, the client is kept up-to-date with images and/or physical samples so they can review in person and again, have clarification that their ideas have been translated into reality. Similarly, in terms of product development, we also develop any supporting POS (Point of sale), in whichever form the client is looking for (e.g. box packaging, swing tags, information insert cards, etc.) This progresses in the same way as above until it is approved to move onto the next stage.

Process 3 : Manufacturing

Once all products and any supporting material have been selected and approved by the client, the formal order will be placed with one of our trusted manufacturers. Once made, the products will go through a rigorous testing process before they are approved and ready for shipment. At Modrec International we follow a detailed quality control and testing process with regards to all aspects of design covering zips, wheels, handles and material strength. As well as established relationships with independent testing companies, there are also in-house quality control procedures at all of the factories used, contributing to our commitment to bring high-quality products to the marketplace.

Process 4 : Logistics

We are a flexible company and understand every client is different. Therefore we have refined our logistic and importing process, working closely with couriers to ensure products arrive where and when is suitable for clients. Depending on order size, complete MTO projects can be shipped directly to the client for large containers or to our head office and then delivered to clients through our trusted, courier partners for fast and efficient delivery. We also have significant warehouse and logistics infrastructure at our UK head office and are able to temporarily hold stock of large orders if this is of benefit to clients or brands.

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