Brand Values:

  • Luggage for the whole family.
  • Affordable travel solutions, without compromising on quality.
  • Essentials for the general leisure travelling consumer.

Brand story:

The A2B label was launched by Modrec International with the long term vision of providing simple and affordable travel solutions for the general travelling consumer. As reflected in the name, the brand has a purely functional purpose of enhancing the customer’s experience from the beginning of their travel to the end destination and everything in-between. Helping people to get from A 2 B.

A2B specialises in bringing simple, no-frills luggage solutions to the masses. The target market is unisex across all age groups as the range is developed to be practical and applicable to a wide variety of needs. Whether travelling with family and friends for summer holidays or weekend away, there is a style and size to complement your travel time.

The difference with the A2B brand is that it brings affordable travel goods to the market place without compromising on style or product quality. With years of industry knowledge, market research and talented UK designers, the team behind the brand recognise the trends in travel goods, as well as features that are already known and loved by travellers. The two are then combined to create simple and efficient styles that are perfect for the holidays.


The A2B range consists of: