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  • Modrec International
  • Modrec International

Established in 1984, originating as a manufacturer of luxury indoor games, Modrec International is a leading designer and producer of an extensive portfolio of branded business and travel luggage, laptop bags, leathergoods and accessories, under the Gino Ferrari, Pierre Cardin and Saddler labels.

With our consumer focus firmly on the global business travelling person, at work and at play, we continue to expand through our offices in China and North America.

Modrec International also have a proven history of successful, strong brand management. With an unrivalled ability to introduce innovative and groundbreaking product, Modrec were the first company to introduce the wheeled upright luggage system to the UK.

Modrec's products and brands can be seen in most high street retailers and department stores, as well as speciality travel product retailers, stationery retailers and e-commerce retailers.


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